Why We're Different

Village Green focuses on driving the transition to renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency instead of planting trees, burning animal waste, or forcing algae blooms to offset carbon. These types of actions address a symptom of the problem, where renewable energy and energy efficiency are two of the most important parts of the solution.

But the difference goes beyond philosophy.


We are the first and only Renewable Energy Credit supplier that exclusively sources Renewable Energy Certificates from compliance markets, where we compete with electric utilities for RECs.

We are also the first and only carbon credit supplier that exclusively uses carbon allowances from a mandatory cap-and-trade system (the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) to offset your carbon impact.

Our methodology ensures that our customers are forcing more renewable energy into the power lines with RECs and forcing big polluters to lower their emissions with RGGI Carbon Credits.

We want to give you an affordable way to be part of the solution. You are only 1 decision and a few clicks away.


Our customers have access to our books. We issue a bi-annual report to our customers that lists all of the renewable power we have contracted by customer number. This way, any customer can check up on us, and make sure we have been holding up our end of the bargain. The reports can be found on the My Account page.

Knowledge and Experience

Mike Jackson, CEO and Robby Bearman, President, have a combined 16 years of experience studying and working in the renewable energy field. We are approaching Village Green Energy from the environmental perspective, which means that our foremost concern is the environmental benefit we are creating. For more on the team, please click here

Now that you know a bit more about Village Green - join us!