Today's consumers demand sustainable business practices. Village Green Energy can help you get there.

Village Green provides consulting, carbon footprinting, and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation solutions.

Expertise in Climate Impact Consulting

Renewable Energy Certificates Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable Energy Certificates

Carbon Permits from the RGGI Cap and Trade System

*1 Carbon Permit = 1 ton of Carbon Offset

Small Businesses (<15 employees)

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Larger Businesses

LEED Projects

Case Studies

Village Green Energy works with clients in a range of industries. We not only enable your business to go green by purchasing renewable energy and carbon offsets, we also provide customized marketing support to help communicate this environmental effort. Here are some examples of the creative ways Village Green has worked with other companies:

  • Green My Vino - Creative, Successful Marketing

    Village Green has created a new Facebook application called "Green My Vino" in an effort to lead the wine industry towards more sustainable practices. Nine Sonoma and Napa County, California Wineries - Iron Horse Vineyards, Windsor Vineyards, Girard Winery, Windsor Sonoma, Burning Hawk, Seghesio, DeLoach, Benziger and Chateau Boswell - have agreed to power their operations with renewable energy based on the success of the application. Through this application, users can send friends free gifts representing 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes worth of renewable energy, which Village Green will then purchase from a wind farm or solar array on the Facebook user's behalf. Green My Vino enables Facebook users to turn the time they spend on the popular social networking site into a force for environmental change in the business world.
  • Essential Living Foods - Expert Consulting

    Village Green consulted with Essential Living Foods to assess the carbon footprint of their organic food inporting business, from producer to consumer. We then helped them mitigate that impact through the purchase of RGGI Carbon Permits.
  • Mas Sake - Great PR and Green Action at No Cost

    Through Village Green, Mas Sake is sourcing its electricity from renewable biogas produced at the Sunnyvale Power Generation Facility in Northern California. We have worked with Mas Sake to develop a program in which customers include a small Sustainability Contribution of $0.25 to their bill. These contributions will not only help Mas Sake defray their costs and continue their sustainability efforts, but it is also a way to reach each customer and communicate our message. view table tent >>
  • Nessel Developments' Serendipity Apartments - Green Community Organizing

    Village Green is working with Nessel Development's Serendipity Apartments to offer their tenants a Green Pricing Program in which tenants can elect to pay a small premium on their electrical bill to ensure that their electricity comes from renewable sources. After jump starting interest in the program by purchasing RECs for the common area electricity usage at Serendipity Apartments, Nessel Development has seen a participation rate of 18% of all residents! This successful program has added an extra value to Serendipity's service offering, while strengthening the tenant community around this environmental cause. full case study >>

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